I research at the Astrophysics Division of CEA Saclay.

My main interests lie in the modeling of (photo-)chemistry and transport of radiation in the atmospheres of both exo- and Solar System planets. My work addresses various topics in planetary atmospheres, namely: characterization, stability, evolution, and interaction with the stellar medium. In order to form the broader perspective, I lay particular emphasis on comparative aspects.

Recent and ongoing research themes:

  • NLTE processes in exoplanet atmospheres.
  • Interpretation of exoplanet phase curves. Application to CHEOPS, JWST, Kepler, PLATO, TESS and WFIRST.
  • Neutral and ion chemistry of exoplanet atmospheres. Escape of strongly irradiated atmospheres.
  • Photochemistry of Solar System atmospheres (Earth, Mars, Titan, Venus).
  • Polarization in atmospheres. Monte-Carlo algorithms for the vector radiative transfer equation.
  • Nightglow in the atmospheres of Earth, Mars and Venus.

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