I currently teach Masters’s level courses at the Technische Universität Berlin and the Frei Universität Berlin:

  • Numerical astrophysics (winter semester 2017, onwards).
  • Experimental astrophysics (winter semester 2015, onwards).
  • Remote sensing of planetary atmospheres (summer semester 2016, onwards). We cover the fundamentals of transfer of radiation and inversion techniques as applied to planetary atmospheres. Examples and practical exercises are based on applications to both exo- and solar system planets.
  • Key themes in planetary atmospheres  (summer semester 2017, from mid-April to mid-July). The aim of this seminar course is to guide the students in the research of a scientific topic that will have to present to an audience.

Additional teaching:

  • Guest Lecturer. University of Toronto, Canada. 2nd April 2019.
    • Duties: Lecturer for a dedicated graduate-level course. 2×1.5 hours.
    • Course: An introduction to atmospheric escape. Host: Dr. Diana Valencia.
  • Guest Lecturer. University of Potsdam, Germany. 10th July 2018.
    • Duties: Seminar speaker, Exoplanet atmospheres.
    • Course: Planetary Physics. Contact: Prof. Dr. Gabriele Arnold.
  • Collaborator. Masters of Astrophysics, Universidad La Laguna, Spain. 29th Oct 2010.
    • Duties: Seminar speaker.
    • Course: Actividades Complementarias de Investigación. Professor: Jordi Cepa.
  • Teaching Assistant. York University, Canada. Jan 2003 – June 2005.
    • Duties: Tutorial and seminar leader, lab demonstrator, marker.
    • Courses: Numerical Weather Prediction; Light and Sound; Mechanics; Introduction to Physics.
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